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Version 4.4.0

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Using the CSL executive
System library
String library
Math library
Regular expression lib.
File library
Database library
Async Communication
Registry/Profile handling
Windows control
   Embedding CSL
   Writing libraries
   API reference
C++ Class Interface
CSL links

The C application programming interface (API) enables to embed CSL in your own application as a macro language or write your own libraries for CSL.

The C API uses the standard linkage of the system (__stdcall for Windows, _System for OS/2) so in fact every compiler should be able to use it. However for compilers not listed below there are usually some modifications necessary in the header file ZBase.h. In case the object format differs from microsoft, a new LIB file must be created by a tool like IMPLIB.

Below you find the list of currently tested compilers. If you have adapted and tested another successfully, please let  me know.

Compiler Version(s) Sample dir
IBM VisualAge C++ for OS/2 3.0.8 .\Samples\API\Os2\Ibm
IBM VisualAge C++ for Windows 3.5.9 .\Samples\API\Win\Ibm
Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 .\Samples\API\Win\Microsoft
Borland C++ (free commandline tools) 5.5 .\Samples\API\Win\Borland
GNU GCC and mingw32 2.95.2 .\Samples\API\Win\Mingw32
GNU GCC and cygwin 2.91.57 / B20.1 .\Samples\API\Win\Cygwin
GNU GCC on unixish systems 2.95.2 ./Samples/API/Unix/Gnu

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